Man who promised girlfriend spa weekend took her to Spar instead


A prankster gave his girlfriend a Valentines’ Day to forget after he told he promised her a spa weekend – and then took her to nine Spar shops.

Sue Pakey, 44, had longed for a weekend of pampering but was left horrified after being dragged around convenience stores across Birmingham instead.

Long-term boyfriend David Burrows added insult to injury by taking selfies of the trip outside each branch.

He added: ‘I thought it would be funny.

‘I did buy her something in each one, I’m not a total monster.’

David, 37, was deliberately vague when telling Sue, a nursery worker, about the treat he had lined up.

The couple, who have been together for 17 years, set off from their home in Birmingham for the ‘romantic trip.’

They drove for two miles before pulling up outside the first Spar store, where David popped inside.

Sue told the Sun she thought he was just stopping for a snack but her suspicions were aroused at the second venue.

She added: ‘I thought, “What is going on – we are not going on a Spar tour are we?”’

Her worst fears were confirmed when they rocked up at the third shop.

David admitted Sue was not impressed at his stunt, adding: ‘If you say you are going on a spa weekend everyone thinks s-p-a.’

He added: ‘We spent the next couple of hours driving around Spars in Birmingham.

‘She did eventually see the funny side.’

David did take Sue out for a Valentines’ Day meal and is set to pay for a real spa weekend soon.

Sue appears to be forgiving but quipped: ‘This is going to cost him.’